Adjusters International Partners with Agents and Brokers

…My insurance broker and attorney suggested that I give you a call indicating that you were really the experts in handling claims adjusting. …After 40 years of experience in building development, I’ve had my fair share of difficult situations. My decision to retain you proved to be prudent and beneficial in every way. You analyzed my insurance policy and strategically formulated my claim to optimize all benefits that could be obtained in my insurance policy. You were tough, disciplined, and focused. …I appreciate your persistence, your patience, and your guidance …

Edward Jewett Conner
RWR Associates

Common Goal: The Client First

An insurance agent or broker has a responsibility to protect the financial well-being of their client. You put together the best possible insurance policy and strive to do the right thing for your client, day after day, year after year.

The Right Way to Settle Claims®

At Adjusters International, we believe there is a right way to settle claims. We, too, take seriously the responsibility to protect the financial well-being of your client. Our first priority is the policyholder.

The Standard for Excellence

Adjusters International has more senior and certified professional public adjusters than any organization of its kind. We have expertise with the most high-profile national disasters: hurricanes Sandy, Katrina, Wilma and Ike, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Midwest floods, and the California earthquakes and wildfires. Our regional offices assure you that we are familiar with the local particularities of the broad landscapes we service.

Expertise You Can Count On

An experienced agent or broker knows that the claims process has unexpected twists and challenges, and an infinite quantity of details. In business since 1970, we’ve encountered a vast array of unique claims challenges…local, regional and national.

Strengthen Your Client’s Financial Recovery

Adjusters International is the nation’s leading firm of public adjusters precisely skilled to handle the details of a property loss. When you invite us into the claim process, we work to achieve the maximum financial recovery for your client while respecting and helping to strengthen your established relationship with them. By recommending our services, you are providing your clients with the services of the industry’s best public adjusting firm.

Our Team on Your Side

Our experts match credentials and expertise with the insurance carrier’s team. Our team of adjusters, estimators, inventory specialists and forensic accountants has earned the respect of thousands of clients as well as insurance companies.

Adjusters International’s direct knowledge, in-house expertise, and team approach will create a successful, coordinated financial recovery strategy.

Added Value for Your Insured

Before a loss occurs, we will gladly meet with you and your insured, at no cost, to evaluate existing coverages and disaster recovery plans — which benefits both you and your client.

In the event of a loss, we will meet with you and your client, at no cost, to provide a roadmap for recovery from our unique perspective. We are the only insurance adjusting professionals whose interests are parallel with your insured’s. We will review the policy, tour the loss site and provide recommendations.

Inviting us to meet with your clients to provide free insight demonstrates that you are serious about putting them first!

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Continuing Education

We proudly offer free Continuing Education classes for agents and brokers. Invite us to share our knowledge, real-life case studies, and coverage insights with you.