Public Adjusting Fees and Services

…You advised me the best way to settle an insurance claim is to take full control of the process. By dictating to the insurance company what we wanted, and taking away their control, you were able to obtain a fantastic settlement on my behalf. I am truly astonished at the final amount you were able to recover and how far I was able to take those funds when I was in control of the spending. Had I paid you double your fee it still would have been well worth it. …While I was skeptical at first I know now that your services have greatly influenced the settlement of my loss and my final financial disposition. You have truly acted as promised and been a true advocate for me and my family throughout the claim. …

Michelle Sirott

Adjusters International is the nation’s leading provider of public insurance adjusting services. Following a major property loss, a public insurance adjuster prepares, documents, and submits the property damage claim to the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder. For over four decades, the public adjusters at Adjusters International have been guiding homeowners to a full financial recovery from their property damage claims.

Public Adjusting Fees

Service fees for public adjusters vary by state, but usually represent a small percentage of the settled claim. That percentage is generally based on many factors including:

  • The size of the claim.
  • The location of the claim.
  • When did the loss occur (how recent)?
  • What has been done thus far?

Property insurance claims are complicated, and the learning curve is steep — now is not the time to learn and put the future of your family, or your job, at risk. Our fees are minimal in relation to your claim settlement and are offset by the better settlement that our experts are likely to achieve — not to mention the time, hassle, and anxiety our professionals can save you. Our fees are best looked at as an investment — not a cost.

Public Insurance Adjusting Services

The process of filing an insurance claim can be daunting and overwhelming. Especially to those who have never before suffered major property damage. Our public insurance adjusters have years of experience in successfully advocating for policyholders. We will handle all the details that are involved in submitting your insurance claim, down to the final settlement with your insurance company. With our team of experts working for you, you can be confident that you will receive the full settlement that you are entitled to under the terms of your policy.

Who have we helped?

Our experts have helped thousands of homeowners through disasters of all sizes and types. Over 5,000 glowing references attest to the fact that we stick by our core principles, the first of which is to always look out for our clients’ best interests.

We encourage you to look through our references and testimonials and to contact us for recommendation letters. An internal review showed that our clients felt we delivered what we promised and would work with us again—facts we are proud of, and we welcome the opportunity to put you in touch with past clients so you can ask them yourself.

We highly recommend that you check references of any public adjusters you’re considering for the job.

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